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One World Consort’s “Mother Earth”

ONE WORLD CONSORT features “MOTHER EARTH” by Fred Sturm.  ”MOTHER EARTH” is a musical plea for world unity that celebrates both the diversity and shared influences of indigenous music from several different countries. Ethnic music, folk songs, and ancient works dating back as far as the 13th century are joined together in this  contemporary chamber music …


The Four Voices String Quartet

ONE WORLD CONSORT features The Four Voices String Quartet, featuring Laurie Petruconis (violin), Allison Ostrander (violin), Susan Janda (viola), and Rebecca Arons (cello). “One of string quartet music’s brightest lights in the Twin Cities, the Four Voices brings fresh and abundant energy to classical and contemporary string quartet compositions.” – Laurie Patton, Producer, Baby Blue Arts   

David Milne - Color - Medium

David Milne, Saxophone/Woodwinds

One World Consort features Minneapolis/St. Paul-based multi-instrumentalist David Milne on saxophones, flutes, and indigenous wind instruments, in an innovative jazz quartet setting with Mary Louise Knutson (piano and keyboards), Eric Graham (acoustic and electric basses), and Craig Hara (drums and percussion).

TM Ensemble

Jazz-Classical-World Chamber Music

ONE WORLD CONSORT presents an exciting synthesis of jazz, classical, and indigenous folk music, featuring a “double quartet” of a jazz quartet and a string quartet, performing innovative compositions and arrangements by Fred Sturm.  ONE WORLD CONSORT presents music from a spectrum of world traditions and cultures, including Appalachia, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Celtic Traditions, France, …