ONE WORLD CONSORT presents an exciting synthesis of jazz, classical, and indigenous folk music, featuring a “double quartet” of a jazz quartet and a string quartet, performing innovative compositions and arrangements by Fred Sturm.  ONE WORLD CONSORT presents music from a spectrum of world traditions and cultures, including Appalachia, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Celtic Traditions, France, Hungary, India, Japan, Mongolia, Native American Traditions, Republic of Congo, Scandinavian Traditions, and Tibet.  ONE WORLD CONSORT concerts feature additional compositions and arrangements by David Milne, Mary Louise Knutson, Laura Caviani, Astor Piazzolla, Bela Bartok, Jim Pepper, and more.

ONE WORLD CONSORT programs are selected from the following works:

  • RAJASTHAN, Romani Traditional from India, by Fred Sturm
  • KHANGAI, Traditional Mongolian Urtiin du/xoomii, by Fred Sturm
  • NAGCHU, Traditional Nomad Song from Tibet, transcribed by Fred Sturm
  • RO, RO TIL FISKESKJAER, Cradle Song from Norway, by Fred Sturm
  • APPALACHIA, Traditional American Bluegrass, by Fred Sturm
  • SAGARI HA, Traditional Shakuhachi Solo, transcribed by Fred Sturm
  • OHARABUSHI, Traditional Japanese Folksong, by Fred Sturm
  • MOTET, 13th C. French motet, arranged by Fred Sturm
  • RAINFOREST, Republic of Congo, by Fred Sturm
  • ROUND DANCE, Bulgarian Folkdance, by Fred Sturm
  • SENECA, Traditional Iroquois Dance, by Fred Sturm, arranged by David Milne
  • DIDJERIDU, Australian Aboriginal, by Fred Sturm, arranged by David Milne
  • LIBERTANGO, by Astor Piazzolla, arranged by Fred Sturm/David Milne
  • RIVERSCAPE, by Fred Sturm, arranged David Milne
  • ASHOKAN FAREWELL, featuring the Four Voices String Quartet, by Jay Ungar
  • from 44 DUOS for VIOLIN, by Béla Bartók
  • CORDOBA, featuring the Four Voices String Quartet, by Laura Caviani
  • SEA OF QI, by Mary Louise Knutson
  • WITCHI-TAI-TO, by Jim Pepper