ONE WORLD CONSORT, performs “MOTHER EARTH,” featuring music by Fred Sturm

David Milne, saxophone/woodwinds
Mary Louise Knutson, piano/keyboards
Eric Graham, acoustic/electric bass
Craig Hara, drums/percussion/electronics
Laurie Petruconis, violin
Allison Ostrander, violin
Susan Janda, viola
Rebecca Arons, cello

“MOTHER EARTH is a musical plea for world unity that celebrates both the diversity and shared influences of indigenous music from several different countries.  Ethnic music, folk songs, and ancient works dating back as far as the 13th century are joined together in this contemporary chamber music setting.”

- Fred Sturm, Composer/Arranger

ONE WORLD CONSORT presents an exciting synthesis of jazz, classical, and indigenous folk music, featuring a “double quartet” of a jazz quartet and a string quartet, performing innovative compositions and arrangements by Fred Sturm.  ONE WORLD CONSORT presents music from a spectrum of world traditions and cultures, including Appalachia, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Celtic Traditions, France, Hungary, India, Japan, Mongolia, Native American Traditions, Republic of Congo, Scandinavian Traditions, and Tibet.

ONE WORLD CONSORT features Minneapolis/St. Paul-based multi-instrumentalist David Milne on soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, flute, wood flute, ocarina, and penny whistle, in an innovative jazz quartet setting with Mary Louise Knutson (piano/keyboards), Eric Graham (acoustic/electric bass), and Craig Hara (drums, percussion, and electronics).

ONE WORLD CONSORT features The Four Voices String Quartet: Laurie Petruconis (violin), Allison Ostrander (violin), Susan Janda (viola), and Rebecca Arons (cello).  “One of string quartet music’s brightest lights in the Twin Cities, the Four Voices String Quartet brings fresh and abundant energy to classical and contemporary string quartet compositions,” remarks Laurie Patton, Producer for Baby Blue Arts.

Fred Sturm’s MOTHER EARTH is based on Sturm’s earlier work, “Migrations: One World, Many Musics,” commissioned and performed by Bobby McFerrin, Original Artists (New York), and the NDR Big Band (Hamburg) in a concert tour of Europe and at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2008.

American saxophonist David Milne performed the USA Premiere of MOTHER EARTH on Earth Day 2012 (April 22, 2012), for the Wyman Concert Series at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, with ONE WORLD CONSORT, a “double quartet” setting of jazz quartet and string quartet.

MOTHER EARTH features Sturm’s work with indigenous folk music from throughout the world, based on ethnomusicological research, transcriptions of authentic field recordings, and subsequent arranging, orchestration, and in many cases “re-composition” of the original music.

Following the success of its debut performance, ONE WORLD CONSORT performs in diverse concert series and music venues, including performances at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Artists Series, the Trout Museum of Art’s Jazz at the Trout Series (Appleton, WI),  Ripon College’s Chamber Music and Jazz Series (Ripon, WI), and the Twin Cities Jazz Society’s “Jazz from J to Z” Concert Series.